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KUNST in de Dominicuskerk

Koningsdag, 27 april 2019
10.00 - 15.00 uur
Händelstraat in Utrecht

Information about Joke van den Berg
Joke van den Berg, visual artist, lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
For over 30 years she was active as a painter, lithographer and photographer.
In recent years photography played a central role in her work.
Her interest in other cultures and her persistent need to travel is reflected in
her work of theme- and form studies.
She likes to experience other cultures and tries to understand why people live
the way they do.
In her photographs she especially tries to meet the people.
She likes to make personel portraits and makes photographs of the people at
home, on their place of work, of the streetlife and of their ceremonies.
Being human is an important subject in her photographic work.
The photo series Nightlines En Route started on journey, while experimenting
with the digital camera in the dark, looking for light.
The principal highlights in her paintings are the series Black and White -
Colour-fields - Profiles - Welcome to our culture - Inside-Outside - Open Views.

Academy of Arts in Rotterdam 1977
Drawing - Painting - Environmental Design

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